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About Us

Presidentand Chief Executive Officer

Message from the President

We became a spin-off company of Shizuoka Air Commuter Co., Ltd. in April 2020, due to the significant expansion of the business.
We have two Cessna Citation for charter flights in the lineup, and we plan to add the large cabin Falcon 2000LXS, introduced in 2018, to our fleet in the near future. Based at Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport, which has a dedicated hangar, we consistently operate up to the FBO. Since its inception, the parent company, Shizuoka Air Commuter Co., Ltd. has been keeping a record of accident-free operation by improving maintenance quality and operation quality based on thorough legal compliance, and we commit to continue to provide you with the same level of safety.
We will take off from Shizuoka to the world. Our company will soar as a new vibrant business jet company and that will be our contribution to society.
President and Chief Executive Officer

Shinichi Yonehara

1.Strict Policy for Safe Flight

Even after the spin-off from Shizuoka Air Commuter Corporation, we must maintain our accident-free record.

2.Corporate Social Responsibility

We pay our effort to accomplish Corporate Social Responsibility through our aviation business.

3.Challenge to New Business

We are actively engaged in new businesses and continue to take further challenges based on legal compliance.